The Tolkien Roundup: March Edition

hobbit-mapI don’t have the next installment of my own series together, so here are a few links to some recent Tolkien posts you are sure to enjoy.

Eric at Sweating to Mordor is reading through the Silmarillion on page at at time, and he even has footnotes! His latest installment is all about the Valar Ulmo, Aule and Yavanaa. You can read the first installment here; he’s only about 12 installments into the series, so it’s a good time to catch up if you haven’t been following along.

James is ranking his various items from the Peter Jackson films at A Tolkienist’s Perspective. In his latest post, he ranks his favorite cinematic shots from the movies.

And here is a fun series from Middle Earth News you might enjoy. This week in Middle Earth. It’s like “On This Day in History,” only it covers a week at a time, and the events are from Middle Earth.

Got a favorite Tolkien post you’ve read recently, or a Tolkien-related blog you’d like me to check out? If so, drop me a comment and let me know!

I’ll be back next week with more on Bilbo; if you’ve missed some of my endless Tolkien series, you can find it all on this page, or stop by Sourcerer on Thursdays, where I am re-running the series from the beginning.


Weekly "If We Were Having Coffee" Link-Up

#WeekendCoffeeShare: Don’t Mind Me, I’m Busy Blogging

If we were having coffee, I’d on at least my second cup after being awake all of last night. House of Cards is back, and Sam and I binge-watched the show since it was released yesterday. (Tune in to Sourcerer this week for my reviews of season 3!)

It’s been a busy week, full of lots to do for the business, and I’ve still got things to do. This afternoon, I’ll be building a print-ordering website for the business, and I’m working on putting together promotional packages. It’s all a bit scary, as it’s a new thing for me, but it’s fun and creative, and enjoyable, so I don’t mind working on the weekend.

I’ve fallen off the daily yoga a bit again, but I’m going to start again on Monday. It’s easy to forget and get distracted, especially when there’s so much to do.


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I’ve got lots of blog things going on, too. I joined the A to Z Challenge again when the registration opened in January. After the fun I had last year and all of the new people I met, I knew that I’d want to do the challenge again, even though it was difficult at times.

This time, in addition to signing up for the challenge, I’m a minion, volunteering to help the challenge organizers, and I’m super-excited. I’ve been participating in Twitter events and visiting blogs from the list, and I’m interested in returning to them on March 23 to see what themes people will choose.

I’ve also signed up for The Great Villain Blogathon, something else that will occur in April. Last year, I participated and wrote a post about Hannibal Lecter. This year, I’ll be writing about Frankenstein and his Monster, and I’ll be covering several adaptations.

In the meantime, feminist Friday discussions are still going on, and I’ll be hosting the next one, on March 6. My first anniversary is coming up, and I’ll be writing about my decision not to change my name after getting married and some of the surprising conversations I’ve had in the last year.

We’ll finish this round of discussions on March 13 at Drifting Through My Open Mind with a post from Gretchen. Difficult to believe that another 6 weeks of posting is almost at an end, and feminist Fridays have been fascinating this time. Looking forward to another round already.


Don’t forget to link up your “if we were having coffee” posts on the linky below, and make sure you share your posts on Facebook and Twitter using the #weekendcoffeeshare tag!

Feminist Friday: Women in Refrigerators


Check out this week’s Feminist Friday discussion on fridging, and join in the conversation!

Originally posted on Things Matter:

The term “women in refrigerators” comes from the world of comic books — a world that’s still opaque to many people. Fear not, though. This post is about how that term actually applies to everything else!

Women in Refrigerators - Green Lantern From TVTropes

In 1999, writer Gail Simone first used the term “women in refrigerators” to discuss women in comics. The name comes from Green Lantern #54, which famously contains the murder of Alex DeWitt, Kyle Rayner/Green Lantern’s girlfriend. The villain Major Force stuffs her in Kyle’s refrigerator with a note so he’ll find her. This is gruesome enough, but the reason it names a whole trope is that all this happens purely to fuel Kyle’s story and Kyle’s pain. Other major examples include Gwen Stacy’s (famous and constantly-reenacted) death to motivate/de-motivate Spiderman, and Sue Dibny’s rape and murder to fuel the Identity Crisis event. This story gimmick is often turned into a verb, as in…

View original 492 more words

Weekly blog link-up hosted by Freda's Voice

The Friday 56: #5

Each week, Freda’s Voice holds The Friday 56, a booking meme. Essentially, you just grab a book, turn to page 56, post a sentence or a few sentences, and then join the link-up.

This week, amid a lot of business I’ve been attending to, I’ve been devouring Neil Gaiman’s new book of short stories, Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances. I’ve mentioned before that I really like Gaiman’s writing, and his short fiction is stellar.

Here are a few lines from page 56:

I would say that I found my by accident, but I do not believe in accidents. If you walk the path, eventually you must arrive at the cave.

But that was later.