Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Characters I’d Want with Me on a Desert Island

top ten tuesday

Each week, The Broke and the Bookish holds Top Ten Tuesday, a weekly booking meme. This week, we’re talking about characters we’d like to be stuck on a desert island with. Because of one character who just insists on being in the list, my list includes book and TV characters. My only rule is that the character cannot come with me just based on the predication that (s)he would be able to get us off the island (like Superman, who could just fly us home). And here they are:

1. Sayid Jarrah, Lost. (The one who insisted upon being on the list.)
A former member of the Iraqi Republican Guard who specialized in communication and later was a torturer, Sayid gets shit done. He was the Lostaways professor, constructing new radios and transceivers from the broken pieces of other devices. But he’s also a skilled cartographer and can both fly a plane and sail a boat. He is good in a crisis, and bonus: if we meet any hostile inhabitants, he can be the one to deal with them, too.


2. Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games.
Katniss is good in the wilderness—in fact, we’re told again and again that it’s really where she feels most at home. She is skilled tracker and hunter, and she also knows some first aid. Top that off with being savvy, and even if she’s not talkative, I’m taking her with me.


3. Ariel, The Tempest.
An island spirit seems like just the being to have around when one is stuck on a desert island. And Ariel is a powerful elemental, able to affect weather, travel quickly, and with a host of other magical abilities.


4. Hermione Granger, The Harry Potter Series.
Hermione is a gifted witch, and she’s clever. It’s highly likely that she could just apparate us off of the island. Even if she couldn’t for some reason, her encyclopedic knowledge and magical skills would come in handy. Plus, she’s a time lord.


5. Iorek Byrnison, The Golden Compass.
The huge armored bear is loyal, even if he does have a bit of a prickly personality. I imagine that he’d be a lot of help catching food, carrying supplies, and clearing paths through underbrush. Bonus: He’d be a good source of heat if the island nights were cold.


6. Karana, Island of the Blue Dolphins.
Karana lives on an island alone after she and her brother are left behind by their people and he is killed by a pack of feral dogs. She manages to kill some of them before changing her mind and taming one. She also makes shelter, canoes, weaponry, and is able to find food for herself. Karana’s experience makes her a worthy companion.

Island of the Blue Dolphins

7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
I’ve no doubt that we would always be safe with Buffy. No matter if this island has human predators or inhuman predators, Buffy is prepared to stake them all. And even if she dies, she’ll probably come back to life.


8. Pi Patel, Life of Pi.
The 16 year old managed to survive on a raft in the ocean for days with Richard Parker. He caught fished, worked out a system for collecting fresh water, and kept both a boat and a raft in repair. On land, I can only imagine that his survival skills double.

Image courtesy of Headintheclouds: click through for link

Image courtesy of Headintheclouds: click through for link

9. Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead.
Daryl isn’t afraid to get dirty—in fact, he seems to relish it. He’s good with a crossbow. And he has a soft side. He probably has the highest zombie-body-count on the show, and his background has helped him keep himself more together than any of the other characters after the apocalypse. I’ve no doubt he’d react in much the same way on a desert island.


10. Arya Stark, Game of Thrones.
Little miss bad-ass.



Sunday Feature: If We Were Having Coffee…

Unsplash by Justin Leibow

Unsplash by Justin Leibow

I’d tell you that after 12-ish hours in the car, Little Jedi and I got home from the beach last night. It wasn’t a bad drive, but it was a very long one. Of course, the drive itself was more like 9 and a half hours, while the other 2 and a half hours were mostly spent stopping for food and bathroom breaks. I’d tell you that we were a bit sad to leave the beach and some of our extended family, but that we were very happy to get back home to Sam and Tank. Work prohibited Sam from coming along on the trip, and of course pets aren’t generally welcome in time-shares, so Tank had to stay home, too. It’s nice to be home among my whole little family again.


I’d tell you that we went to the St. Augustine pirate museum and to Whetstone Chocolate Factory on Friday, and that was one of Little Jedi’s favorite parts of the trip. I love historic St. Augustine, so I was glad that we drove over. A few years ago, contributor Cat and her then-fiance (now wife) Heather and I spent a week there, and it was one of the best vacations I’ve taken—partly to company and partly the place. I want to take Little Jedi back again (partly because I want to go back, myself). :)

The pirate museum is big enough to be interesting, and it’s interactive, but it’s also pretty small, making it just the right kind of thing for a few hours of indoor activity and learning before popping back out into the bright sunshine. Little Jedi was able to buy a Jack Sparrow Lego mini-figure, which made him terribly happy and served as a better souvenir than what he might otherwise have picked up at one of the beach-side stores. Whetstone Chocolate Factory had a really interesting tour of its small factory with taste-testing and the history of the company, which is really neat. Little Jedi enjoyed the tasting, of course, but he was also really fascinated by the machines and the processes of making the chocolate.


I’d tell you that exactly a month from today, Little Jedi starts kindergarten. That makes me both proud and nervous. We’ve still got uniforms to buy, school supply costs to pay, and lots of other things to do to get ready. And I start classes on the same day, too, so I’ve got syllabi and online course information to ready for the semester. It’s difficult to believe that the summer is this close to ending.


And I’d ask what you want to talk about on this lazy Sunday afternoon, what you’d say if we were having coffee.