The Thursday Thirteen: A Monster’s Wishlist

On Monday, Lyn posted her Once a Month Gamer (OAMG) wishlist. It was so fun that I decided to use today’s Thursday Thirteen as a wishlist post, too.

It’s funny how difficult it was to come up with thirteen things that I really want, and it makes me quite happy. Most of what I want is right here already, and that’s a Comforting Thought. But, let’s be real—we all like presents. So here are 13 Things a Monster Wants—a very nerdy monster:

1. This Mug from Amazon:


2. This cross-stitched art from Etsy seller Pickle Lady Farm:


3. This Frankenstein shirt from Litographs:


Shirt4. This print from


I am Building a World for You

5. This jewelry box from Our Name is Mud:



6. These banned books socks from Out of Print Clothing:


7. These cupcake baking cups from Fred and Friends:


8. These bookends from Etsy Seller Knob Creek Metal Arts:


9. These notecards from AHAlife:


10. This Hufflepuff (Yes, I’m a Hufflepuff) bathrobe from ThinkGeek:


11. This adorable desk organizer from Amazon:



12. This adorable ring by Etsy seller Yaci:


13. This game from UncommonGoods:





OAMG: Wishlist

This is my tabletop gaming wish list this year. Are any of these on your wish list? What games are you hoping Santa (or whomever) brings you this year?


  1. Cards Against Humanity (even I cannot believe I don’t already own this game)
  2. Takenoko (I’ve been hunting this game in our local stores for a while now)
  3. Ghost Stories (This one just intrigued me one day as I perused games online)
  4. Mice and Mystics (I’ve been wanting this game for a very, VERY long time)

Sunday Song

Last night, the husband and I attended The Nightmare Before Christmas Burlesque. The show was written by a friend, and it features several friends, and it was his birthday. So we ventured off to the Shadowbox (an intimate, affable little spot in the Marigny) to watch the show. And it was a totally fun adaptation of the film with its own brand of bawdy humor. And sideshow horror moments. And nudity. (Hey, it’s burlesque.)

Anyway, as happens whenever I see the musical, I’ve had the songs stuck in my head all day. This one especially—enjoy!