Hozier: “Take Me to Church”

I heard this song on the radio a week or two ago, and I crumbled a little. Haunting is the word I would’ve chosen to describe it–in the last few minutes of my commute, my music turned up terribly loud so I could ignore the honking horns and traffic noise, for no good reason other than the song itself, I felt a little lump in my throat.

And now, after watching the video, it’s really difficult for me to hear the song without shedding a few tears. I don’t normally watch music videos, and I don’t normally find myself affected by the ones I do see–at least not anymore. Years ago, when MTV and VH1 still played music videos and I was much younger, I paid attention to them, but with the move to reality programming on both channels and a lot more to do elsewhere, I mostly stopped watching videos–especially as the few that I’ve seen recently have been more like long-form advertisements for albums/singers than an accompaniment to the song.

But Hozier’s video is tough to watch. The Irish singer doesn’t appear in the video. Instead, it’s the story of a gay couple who experience a violent and bloody backlash that is all too familiar. I won’t say much more about it, I’ll just tell you to watch, or at least listen, because the music is beautiful and moving, and so’s the video:

And a bonus, an interview with Hozier in which he discusses the song, the video, and the connections between the two:

Announcing The Stage to Screen Blogathon


Because this is so fun that you need to know about it and join in! The Stage-to-Screen blogathon, coming this October, sponsored by The Rosebud Cinema and Rachel’s Theatre Reviews.

Originally posted on Rachel's Theatre Reviews:

The Rosebud Cinema and I are co-hosting
The Stage to Screen Blogathon
which will take place from
October 17 – 19, 2014!

Screen adaptions of stage plays are always interesting to watch, as the skills needed to create a piece of theatre differ so greatly from that of films. Many people are – understandably – skeptical when watching a stage piece adapted to films, but it is undeniable that they are still popular in today’s film industry. Needless to say, there have been countless films based on plays which have been… well, terribly mediocre, but there, too, have been an incredible amount of surprisingly successful adaptions.

That is why Rosie and I have organised a blogathon centered around that exactly! No matter what your topic is, as long as it is a film adapted from an original stage play or musical, you can write about it! Here you can find lists of films based…

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